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Update (23/02/12): Imprisoned HRD AlKhawaja: My hunger strike is a part of my human rights defence inside jail (#Bahrain #FreeAlKhawaja #Hungry4BH)

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Update - 23 Feb 2012 - As Received from AlKhawaja's lawyer, Mr Mohamed AlJishi:
In a one-hour private visit, I met Abdulhadi Al Khawaja today in Jaw Central Prison. Signs of fatigue were clearly shown on Al Khawaja. He was pale and lost lots of weight. I sent him all the people's plea to stop the strike as they need him alive to struggle for Bahrain, and for his own risk.
Abdulhadi Al Khawaja told the lawyer: "I thank who ever stand in solidarity with me and people of Bahrain outside and inside the country. The case is not only about me. It's about all wrongfully detainees in Bahrain. My hungerstrike is a part of my Human rights defence inside jail. It's very important to focus on all detainees as I'm just a part of them. I will continue with my hunger strike till I reach my demands despite the consequences. I'm aware that freedom is expensive and we must sacrifice to gain it."
According to the lawyer, although Al Khawaja is really tired after 2 weeks of hunger strike, he is still holding his head high and smiling.
His wife, Mrs Khadija AlMousawi said that after a urine checkup to Abdulhadi, there was blood in his urine. The doctor asked him to drink juice and he does now to avoid kidney failure.
AlKhawaja is now on his 15th day of Hunger strike for Freedom or death.
During a sit-in protest in front of the UN office organized by the political societies on Feb 22, 2012 to condemn the international community's silence towards the human rights violations in Bahrain, a group of youth wore T-shirts with photo of Abdulhadi on it in support to his strike. At the night, a number of protests took place in solidarity with Alkhawaja.

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