Sunday, 12 February 2012

Gallery #Egypt - The Ongoing Struggle for Democracy in Pictures & Cartoons

On February 12, 2012 members of Ottawa's Egyptian communities 
invited the public to join them in recognition of the ongoing struggle for democracy in Egypt and to mark its significance for Canada. This event featured art, photography, music, drama, spoken word, and also featured a keynote address from Alex Neve, Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada. Mr. Neve highlighted the significance of the Egyptian struggle for freedom on Canadian policy.

The event was coordinated by Egypt Reform, the Egyptian Canadian Cultural Association of Ottawa, the University of Ottawa and Carleton University's Egyptian Student Associations.

Select Pictures of the Artwork and Event:

The Artists:
(listed in no particular order)
Hasan Amin
Carlos Latuff
Waleed Montasser
Mostafa Sheshtawy
Mohamed El Maymouny
Emad Karim

The Organizing Team:


  1. good shots but we still have more (victory is near)

  2. Wow !

    Footage and cartoons are carefully selected. It gives me the feeling that any one who walks between them has walked through our revolution!

    By looking at Latuff's cartoons under the real footage I admire the true talent of this man, He is always surprising me how his cartoons looks as if its drawn by an Egyptian!

    Best regards and appreciation to the organizing institutions and to all the Egyptian and Canadian organizing team members. I hope that this event has attracted a good rate of audience.

    A special greeting to you dear Sofia..


  3. A special greeting to you also my friend! :)

    And thank you for your comments! Yes, I agree with you about Carlos' cartoons and how the photos and cartoons (a) compliment eachother and how this tells the story of the revolution so far. We saw the cartoons as having documented the revolution in pictures that speak a thousand words in many ways. Together (the photos and cartoons) brought the story home!

    And we had a great turnout! The combination of the photo/cartoon gallery and all of the speakers worked out incredibly well! We also showed a few short documentaries, which tied things together for the not necessarily well informed Canadian audience. But it also spoke to the hearts to the Egyptians in the audience and to of those of us that had been there.

    Thanks again for your kind words my friends! I'll be sure to pass them on to the other organizers! :)