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Follow coverage of the seventh day of protest #contraoaumento #massacreteresina

The seventh day of demonstrations # ContraOaumento was undoubtedly one of the most violent.
 The movement that began with a few discreet and demonstrators in the Square Fripisa ended with a lot of tension in the prisons and Frei Serafim avenue. 

Early in the afternoon students flocked to the front of the City Palace, then back to walk through the mall and returned to the Square where Fripisa decided to end the manifestos of the day. 

But a group of students at the work site Frei Serafim was gradually increasing while about 450 police were massing near when the movement broke into the avenue, even without any act of vandalism was met with tear gas and rubber bullets. 

Some protesters were dragged down the street to the car and then arrested, in all about 20. Police raided the Model Bakery and arrested an employee and a customer who had nothing to do with the protests, and several people including a photographer.

The protesters dispersed and the police took to the streets. A small group of protesters came to light candles at the statue on Wall Ferraz and another was central to striking. Traffic was released and the police retreated. The buses usually circulated.
Updated to 21h
The report of the Central 180graus was flagrant and gave: more than 16 were arrested. A group of protesters, students and friends were trying to place the release of friends. At about 22h about 11 lawyers were central to the release of flagrant try and understand what the charges its customers responded. According to Ana Sales, some arrests were arbitrary because the delegates could not explain it answered charges of conspiracy or vandalism of property. Bail reaches ten times the minimum wage per person. The atmosphere remained tense.
Updated at 20h09 
The police retreated Avenue, remains the only car Ronda Citizen and policemen.About 20 protesters were arrested and are in the Central flagrant. The routes are released into Frei Serafim.
Updated at 19h36 
A group of 20 protesters in single file and with candles in hand, went to the Center of flagrant track the progress of the arrest of several students. But they were warned by police that interrupt traffic, would be held also at the center.
Updated at 19h11 
Police are in Frei Serafim. Traffic is released in all directions. Some protesters are still in the median of the avenue, they lit candles at the statue in honor of Wall Ferraz. After singing the National Anthem thrilled with the candles.
Updated at 18h41 
"At first had a number of protesters who did march peacefully without obstructing the roads, we only considered the part of the bankruptcy, so the police reaction, try to negotiate, we were not heard and the troops use the PM, as they have no equipment protection, had to get the shock troops who made minimal use of force, "said Lt. Col. Marcio.

Photo: Jeff Amaral
The words of the police are contradictory, because the protesters did not use the vandalism, as was evidenced even by popular that they saw as cowardice attitude.And the police did minimal use of force, used tear gas, rubber bullets, cavalry, protesters dragged through the streets DEPOP to beat them.
Model Bakery officials are upset because a company employee, Jardel, was arrested. He was working when police raided without warrants and the company also took a client who had nothing to do with the manifest.
Updated at 18h29 
Military police took over the parapet of the Bompreço Supermarket, where before it was occupied by popular. Protesters dispersed, but there are still small groups who do not react. Prisons continue to be made. Traffic is released despite the tense atmosphere, the avenue is still taken by the military.
Updated at 18h17 
Police continue to make arrests without even knowing who they are, including reporters and photographers. They came to push the table where the wording of 180graus was mounted when the Model Bakery invaded. There are many police officers still on the avenue, the movement disbanded. The feeling of terror prevails. The police try to gradually control the traffic.
Updated at 18:10 
Police raid the Model Bakery and hold even a girl who was part of the movement, do not stop bullets fired, the climate is very tense.
Updated at 18h08 
Students are beaten and dragged by police cowardly. The population itself screams "cowardice, cowardice." Bullets and bombs are still being fired.
Updated at 18:05 
Riot police ready to act. Protesters light candles on the avenue. The climate is one of chaos. The group only increases. Police go up the protesters, there is great shouting in the street, students begin to throw everything that appears in front. the police retreat. Bombs are thrown, shots fired.
Updated at 17h57 
Riot police arrive, the street becomes a scene of war, but so far there was no reaction from either side.
Updated at 17h53 
"That's your red, blue is one of your" say the police RONE talking to each other.The Military Police is a wall at the intersection, watching all the popular supermarket Bompreço and applaud the movement that now sings the National Anthem.
Updated at 17h39 
Updated at 17h01 The movement has about 200 protesters and this time they close to Brother Seraphim, on the road in front of the Prontomed. But the military police has more than 450 police officers who closed the crossing, the atmosphere is tense, the order is to leave no protester close the crossing.
Updated at 17h01
Despite the leadership of the movement decided to stop the protests today, a group meets in the median of the Frei Serafim avenue, opposite the Hospital Prontomed and for now do not interrupt traffic. There are about 100 protesters most of a branch known as 'anarchists'.
Updated at 16:25 
The protesters decided that there will be no kind of protest today. About 15 protesters in Frei Serafim waiting others who came from the city, but as was decided in the meeting that there would be more evident, they still decide whether to take action or not.
Updated at 16h12 
Students are once again in Fripisa Square, after going through some streets in the central city
According to the organizers of the movement, the protests continue throughout this week and Thursday (12/01) the most obvious place, along with the students of Euripides Municipal de Aguiar, who they say the city is closing the school.

According to the leaders of the manifesto will be a pot-banging from tomorrow and in a tone of complaint asserts that the owners of cars that sound that gave support to the protest, are refusing to participate because of threats suffered.
Updated at 15h39
The protesters are now exiting the City Palace and going toward the Square Fripsa going downtown, Rua Alvaro Mendes. The demonstration is peaceful and is gaining membership of popular they are joining the walk.
Updated at 15h28
At this time the protesters are concentrated in front of the City Palace in far fewer than on other days. The forecast is that from there they leave for Frei Serafim avenue to continue the protests.
The student movement # ContraOAumento are once again gathered for a day of protests. The concentration began around 10 am on Fripisa Square and on the speaker made several speeches against the fare of the fare on public transportation in the capital since January 2 and the integration that does not meet the needs of the population.

Again want to go hiking by Frei Serafim avenue and stop traffic to get the attention of the authorities, especially the City of Teresina.

Today in particular, took several drums for use during the journey that will continue, according to the passage they fall. "If the passage does not fall, Elmano will fall," says one of the songs they sing.
The Colonel Julia Beatrice, negotiating the PM, was talking with leaders of the movement. She advised that the move would avoid the most acts of vandalism and carry out a peaceful protest.
REPORTERS: Jhone Ellyo Sousa and Tan - Straight from the demonstrations

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