Sunday, 29 January 2012

Campaign financial support to the community of #Pinheirinho via @PersonalEscrito

The MUST (Urban Sem-Teto ' movement) of the Pinheirinho is doing a fund raising campaign, via CSP-Conlutas, in solidarity with the thousands of families displaced from their homes by the violent action of PM and omission of Governments.

The data for donation are the following:

Banco do Brazil
Agency: 4223-4
Current account: 8908-7
Trade Union Central and Popular Conlutas
CNPJ: 07,887,926/0001-90

After the deposit, please send email to with proof and mention of the donor organization.

Let's not give to demand of Governments that guarantee decent conditions for the displaced families of the Pinheirinho. However, we have followed the alarming situation in which residents sheltered in places without infrastructure.

The campaign to raise food, clothing, medicines and hygiene materials also happening and being centered on the seat of the Sindicato dos Metalúrgicos of São José dos Campos (telephone: 12 3946-5333).

Brought to my attention by @PersonalEscrito via Twitter

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