Thursday, 19 January 2012

Solidarity with #Pinheirinho Photo Project

This blog post is a simple appeal to all of you to show support with the residents of Pinheirinhho. They have to date received a temporary injunction of 15 days. After this time period has been completed they may very well face eviction from their homes again. As a result I call on you to participate in this 'Solidarity with Pinheirinho Photo Project'.  This is what you have to do.

1. Make a sign expressing your solidarity with the residents of Pinheirinho. This sign can say anything
    you want. But please make sure to write on it where you are from.
2. Take a picture of yourself with this sign (no more than 2 MB in size)
3. Send this picture to me at (please include your name in the e-mail)

All pictures will be added to this blog, but will also be forwarded directly to PSTU to compile for their purposes of defending Pinheirinho.

It's easy. Please take the time. International messages of solidarity are incredibly important! And it means a lot if you could help out with this!

In solidarity with Pinheirinho!

Sofia Smith

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