Saturday, 21 January 2012


On June 28, 2011 this man saved many Egyptian revolutionary lives by taking a weapon away from an officer! He did not use the weapon against the officer or hurt him in any way. He just kept it to ensure that no one would get killed with it! He is now being tried for his courage and is currently in military prison. We need to raise his profile more! This man deserves our support for the courage he has shown on behalf of his people! (information obtained from @HebaFarooq via Twitter and from Egyptian-ism, 'Egypt Like You've Never Seen It Before' via Facebook) 

If any of you have more information in either English or Arabic, please send it to me! I know there is a video out there of his courageous action. I just can't find it and would appreciate any help I can get in gathering any available materials to support this man!

Sofia Smith

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