Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Reporter of THE DAY is attacked during a demonstration and has memory card stolen #contraoaumento #massacreteresina

The reporter Cicero Portela, The Portal of the day, was attacked by men allegedly plainclothes police in the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 10 in the May 1st Street, near Avenue Frei Serafim. The journalist made images of men assaulting a protester when he had the memory card from the camera stolen.
Portela, who covered the 7th day of demonstration against the process of integration of public transport in Teresina, was approached by about ten men dressed in shirts and jeans nearby, that they intercepted the protesters.
In the approach they claimed that the images made by the reporter would hurt if they were published. The journalist has argued, but the men took the camera from his hands and removed the memory card. Amazed by the behavior of police, the journalist asked the camera's memory card was returned, but soon gave up when some of the attackers threatened to take the camera and damage it.
"Trick here," said one man. "And this one, do not go to jail, right?" Asked another, referring to the reporter.
Two military police officers, one with the uniform Rone (Rounds Octensivas Nature Special), witnessed the moment of aggression against a journalist and did nothing to prevent theft.
During the police action to prevent the presence of protesters on the streets, other members of the press reported assaults by the police.
Portela Cicero police reports recorded in the 1st Police District. The Union of Journalists issued a statement of Piaui to repudiate the actions of brutality against members of the press that cover the demonstrations against the increase of the passage and against the shape of the integration of public transport in the capital deployed.

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