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Fifteen protesters were arrested in Central Candid shots #massacreteresina

Maia by Romulus 
Av.Frei of Seraphim 

January 10, 2012
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More than 15 people arrested. The Military Police used force to clear the Avenida Frei Serafim, Teresina center once again blocked in protest against the increase in bus fare in Teresina. The repression of the movement happened in the late afternoon of Tuesday (10). 

Rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas and light and sound bombs were used by troops from the PM to break the movement. More than 450 men were used in action against a group of less than 100 demonstrators. 

First Major Adriano Lucena students went up and gave the ultimatum. "I came not to negotiate or dialogue.It is to clear the road. So you are getting an order of a police authority which is supported by the law. You talk to each other. From the moment you do not clear the way, then you will be provided for disobeying a lawful order, "reported. 

Sitting on the asphalt of the avenue and with lighted candles, the students decided to keep blocking the road. In protest, sang the National Anthem and Anthem of the parts of Piauí. The group received support from people who were in the median of the street and in front of the supermarket Bompreço. 

Minutes later, Colonel Márcio Santos, BOPE, went to the group. "You have five minutes. If you do not clear the police will use force, "he warned. The demonstrators resisted. 

After the period, a formation of more than 50 MPs with batons in hand marched against the demonstrators.Almost all young people ran. Police and students exchanged shoves. After dispersing most of the group, stepped back and opened the training room for the riot. 

Trained to actions of conflict, the men advanced in the shock column. Shields protect the formation. At the tips, police fired rubber bullets and tear gas. 

Few people were left on the road. They were surrounded by police, suffocated with tear gas and pepper spray, beaten and then loaded into the car round the Citizen. Even though dominated, a woman and a young woman were dragged by the hair. At least 15 arrests were confirmed. Among those arrested two minors. All patients were referred to the Central Candid shots of Teresina. 


After the second assault of the PM, the protesters dispersed throughout the area. Police raided shops and pensions to arrest students. Refugees in the supermarket Hyper Bompreço were also taken. 

The Portal AZ recorded the moment a man who verbally protested against the action of repression has been held for more than five officers of Rone. "I am a worker. I'ma worker, "shouted the car to be loaded. 

Pavements discussed with some popular men in uniform. "If he is to lead, lead so do not hit my mouth," an officer ordered a soldier to Rone. 

Press becomes the target 

Journalists were also victims of police repression. The reporter Cicero Portela, Portal Day, was attacked by men - allegedly plainclothes police officers - on May 1st Street, near Avenue Frei Serafim. The journalist made images of men assaulting a protester when he had the memory card from the camera stolen. 

Photographer Bruna Silva was also recorded when the failed police action. The journalist Igor Prado also reports that he was threatened with arrest by police to record the arrest of demonstrators.

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I have to stop tweeting the business ta tensed # contraoaumento

# Contraoaumento blood in your eye the moment of truth
Photos: @ leofreirejr (twitter) 

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