Saturday, 14 January 2012

Solidarity Statement by the PSDTU in defense of the residents of #Pinheirinho

On the morning of 5 / 1, residents of the Community Pinheirinho in Sao Jose dos Campos (SP), were surprised at about 5:30 am. A police mega-operation took place, leaving everyone stunned. With the excuse that they sought to seize drugs, weapons and possible fugitives from justice, police caused panic in the community.

Residents already living a climate of panic since the Judge Marcia Faria MatheyLoureiro ruled in favour of the repossession land to the developer Naji Nahas. This was a strange decision by this jude as the judge the legalization of the community and the transformation of the local district are well under way with the relevant authorities. After all, about two thousand families have already been living in this community for eight years.

Despite the official excuse given for the of search and seizure, the real purpose behind thismega-operation conducted by the police in Pinheirinho is in fact the intimidation of the community using finding the above listed excuses to justify this detrimental action for eviction of the the families living in this area.

The Partido Socialista Dos Trabalhadores Unificado (PSDTU) rejects the decision of Judge Marcia Faria Mathey and has joined with the community and demand from the Pinheirinho Alckmim Government, which is responsible for public safety in the state, not to authorize any action seeking the eviction of the ground, now occupied by working men and women who struggle to survive. Such action by the Pinheirinho Alckmim Government would prevent what could become real tragedy.

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