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#Brasil: Belo Monte, Anúncio de uma Guerra / #Brazil: Belo Monte, a Notice of War

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Raoni Metuktire (#indigenous leader): When I was a child, my father told me I would be different from my brothers. They fought all the time and I got along with everybody. One day, a different people will come here and they will be able to exterminate us all. You will keep us united. So white man came and started to kill. The war had begun. #belomonte

#belomonte: Construction of huge hydro in Amazon rainforest, on a tribute of #Xingu River will be third largest in world.

#BeloMonte is an idea form the times of military dictatorship. At the time Indians put a machete to the face of president of EletroNorte.

This picture of Atuira of the Kaiapo, became the logo of the Kararao (war call of the Kaiapo).

Experts: 30billion investment for a hydro that will be shut down for 4 months of the year. #BeloMonte

It will produce 11000MW then it will stop producing. Govt secretly plans 2 build damns around #BeloMonte, which will flood #Indigenous lands

Megaron Txcurramãe: I will fight. If the Federal Police of Dilma kill me, then you can build it. #BeloMonte.

The Kayapos are very right in being worried. Firstly bc it's one river, and they will be directly affected by this. #BeloMonte.

Secondly, they were the first ones to fight #BeloMonte in 1989 Altamira. -Renata Pinheiro (Movement #Xingu Vivo)

"Water cannot be stopped. If Sarney, your leader, continues with his plan to make a damn, I will make war with him."Kayapo leader #BeloMonte

#BeloMonte: Survival is at stake. So they passed a law w/out studying what is of real value and consequence; the water itself. They have a licence that doesn't exist in the legislation. Their environmental impact study didn't include all the factors that needed to be examined. And Ibama allowed the it. We don't know the effects of #BeloMonte. At the curve of the #Xingu river, there won't be possibility of survival for several indigenous tribes around there. The forest will dry up, the fish will die. There are several major doubts. Survival is at stake.

#BeloMonte: The diabolic perception of the federal government: it insists on saying that the local population won't be affected, saying that no Indigenos people will be affected, bc no one will be drowned, so there is no need to take this to Congress, bc there is no danger to their lives.

So one of the tools of activists in Brazil is to call international attention to the #BeloMonte project.

#BeloMonte: James Cameron came to Brazil at the time of the release of Avatar to lend his support to the #Indigenous cause. Media blew off the director saying that he should mind his own movie business instead of lending his celebrity status to the indigenous people.

AmazonWatch: A lot of people believe #BeloMonte is a brazilian project funded by the brazilian taxpayer. #NotEntirelyTrue

Nations with interest in the #BeloMonte project: USA, France, Belgium, Austria, China and Germany. These interests need to be exposed.

French govt owns 36% of GDF Suez and 21% of Alstom, which are building the Giral Hydro in Rio Madeira. #BeloMonte

And french co. GDF Suez owns Tractebel, a giant brazilian co that owns 13 big damns in Brazil. #BeloMonte

Recently, Tractebel recently built the Estreito hydro, which was a catastrophic project that displayed a total disregard for the environment

Raoni, of Kaiapó, as spokesperson of resistance, when he speaks badly of #BeloMonte it works against french govt.

#BeloMonte, AmazonWatch: France tries to position itself as a country that supports human rights, so how can it own stake companies like GDF Suez that are violating human rights and the environment in the Amazon?

This is how certain NGO's try to silence Raoni & #BeloMonte: A UN consultant organized a joint meeting w/ UN officials from different UN nations human rights mechanisms, to make it more effective for Raoni to speak out. When the delegation of Raoni arrived, they came out and first thing they said is "we have been held hostage by this NGO". The NGO in question is called "Forét Vierge" whose founder is Jean Pierre Dutilleux. What they dis was try to focus on the issue of land demarcation instead of the #BeloMonte big hydro plans, thereby trying to silence Raoni. Naturally, Raoni wasn't silenced.

Raoni of the Kaiapó and Jean Pierre Dutilleux, founder of NGO Forét Dutilleux #BeloMonte

#BeloMonte Sign the petition the french govt doesn't want you to sign: cc @Raoni_com
The Amazon is seen today as a big market of megawatts!!! #BeloMonte

#BeloMonte aside, there are plans for 130 other big hydros & these megawatts r for electro-intensive industries that r destroying the Amazon

6 industrial sectors responsible 4 30% of the energy consumption in Brazil: cement, steel, non-ferrous, alloys, chemistry, paper & cellulose

Brazil's colonial trap & #BeloMonte: Brazil has 8th biggest alum factory and supplies Japan w/ 15% of their raw alum. Brazil in a globalized economy is a producer of raw goods with low agregated value and high energy cost and this is what the government labels as "development".

#BeloMonte: Book titled Mining in Indigenous Lands signals there is a #PDA (plan for the destruction of the Amazon)
#BeloMonte has 30 years of resistance. If Belo Monte falls, all the other plans for hydros will go through and the Amazon will be destroyed.

The OAS, which Brazil is a member, officialized it's request for #BeloMonte to be stopped. They snubbed by the Itamaraty (dept of state).

Politicians defend that development won't come if #BeloMonte isn't erected. #TransAmazonicHighway They really wanna kill the Amazon...

In 2001, fed govt said #BeloMonte was so magnificent that it was going to be paid for entirely by the private sector.

After environmental impact study was completed in '08 which revealed among other things that the energy volume wasn't as high as predicted,

the private sector left the project as investors and became contractors. So instead of investing, they will now receive for services.

So nothing changed in the #BeloMonte model. Before it was the military dictatorship, then came the PMDB, then PT. The model remains colonial

#BeloMonte is both a lethal cancer and chemotherapy in the Amazon.

Politicians promise that people who live and depend on the rivers won't be evicted, but benefited through relocation. #BeloMonte.

EletroNorte, the state company leading #BeloMonte didn't participate in the film bc they can't guarantee what they are promising.

Farmers, fishermen: we didn't study, we don't know how to be on tv. all we know is how to work in this land. #BeloMonte

Farmers, fishermen: And they come here and tear our houses down and throw our things away. #BeloMonte.

Farmers, fishermen: I don't want to leave for money, bc that money will disappear and I won't live anymore. #BeloMonte #Xingu

The manner in which @Minas_Energia is making the projects in the Amazon, it will be like what happenned in Rio Madeira. #BeloMonte

This project will generate 40,000 jobs during 2 years. Afterwards these people will be unemployed. Now imagine this in Altamira. #BeloMonte

Altamira, already a violent place, w/ agrarian conflicts, indigenous land conflict, high murder rates, etc... will double it's population.

Altamira is a region where there is high domestic violence, where there are gunmen, where there is slave labor. #DorothyStang #BeloMonte

We are talking about a region where activists against #BeloMonte and big agribusiness were assasinated.

The hydro itself will only be able to hire 19,000 people. Where is Altamira going? Where will the people who go there end up? #BeloMonte

Violence that came w/ #BeloMonte: 379% increase in guns, homicide rate up 56,7%, 500% raise in robberies, 45,5% raise in arms & 20% in rape.

Women and girls are being thrown into sex labor. In one street in Tucuruí (a damn built in the 70's) there were 325 whorehouses. #BeloMonte

Altamira, at the margin of the river Xingu, will become a cesspool where endemic diseases will flourish. Proof of this is Tucuruí #BeloMonte

Historically, these big damn/hydro projects underestimate the social-enviromental costs of their implementation. #BeloMonte

What we are seeing isn't an honest asessment. It is a schedule of engineering. Lack of honesty is why hydro energy is very cheap #BeloMonte.

The business behind the enterprise takes the profit and society get the social environmental bill. #BeloMonte

50th Aniversary of the demarcation of Xingu lands: 16 tribes convened and, invitation aside, no one from @funaibrasil came. #BeloMonte

Piracumã Yawalapiti: The president of @funaibrasil is afraid... I don't know what is going on in his head. Why didn't he come? #BeloMonte

LOL: Márcio Meira, president of @funaibrasil: I couldn't go bc my calendar was taken up..daily problems, very important problems. #BeloMonte

#BeloMonte & President of @funaibrasil's macheavelic line of reasoning: I didn't sign any agreement saying the #Indigenous are in favor. I signed and agreement that said that from the legal point of view the #BeloMonte project is doable, given that certain conditions are maintained in order to protect the #Indigenous natives. The hydro is not inside #indigenous lands and therefore will not remove them physically from their lands, which would be unconstitutional.

"The history of the relation between #Indigenous natives and brazilian people, and, more recently, the Amazon, has always been a story of capitalistic expansion, characterized by economic enterprises that impacted the #Indigenous natives. THe creation of @funaibrasil is part of a process of colonization that impacts #indigenous natives. It's an old process, the "original sin of Brazil". It started with the pau-brasil, then sugar cane, rubber, coffee and now we are in a technological era. We have to understand these economic enterpises within an historical context." -Márcio Meira, prez of Funai

#BeloMonte & party politics: Who benefits? No community, no quilombola gains with big hydro. The only ones who profit are the businesses behind it. And the biggest financiers of electoral campaigns in Brazil are the construction businesses. Since the establishment of the Energy Cabinet, who controlled this agenda was Sarney (documented in a book called "Honoráveis Bandidos" or "Honorable Bandits" by Palmério Dutra). Lula was against #BeloMonte... Then when he became president, he was for it. Then Dilma, energy cabinet minister during Lula's govt and president of Brazil today, decided to study ways to build #BeloMonte the fastest way possible.

Congress gave authorization for #BeloMonte w/out ever listening to ONE #indigenous native. Fed govt didn't want to debate the issue. #SHAME

And Constitution is very clear when it says that any project that interferes w/ #Indigenous, it's necessary to consult with them #BeloMonte

Some #Indigenous were "convinced/consulted" through gifts. Now many of these are realizing that they will lose the river forever. #BeloMonte

#Indigenous: The demarcation indicates #Xingu territory. Outside, deforestation.
#Indigenous of #Xingu needs you and the world behind them. #STOP #BeloMonte

What happens to the Indigenous people of the Amazon will happen to all the people around the world. #BeloMonte

"When we started to fight for our trees we found out we were fighting 4 the Amazon. Today we know we are fighting for mankind" -Chico Mendes

#BeloMonte 17th of April, 2012

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